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Hey folks, this is my second post and grateful I found this forum. This is my 4 gorilla glue autos that are 39 days above dirt. I have 3 30x75’ Hightunnels I’ve been growing vegetables in for 8yrs. This is my first on this and having trouble getting them to grow faster.
They are in 3 gallon pots with Coco and pearl
They are outside in the tunnel house
I’ve been using General hydroponics and Cal Meg and my pH is good. Can you recommend a feeding schedule, how often, how much?

I differ to the GH schedule, but in coco I would be feeding every time. Coco has no nutrients in it. Whatever you’re doing, it looks good, so I don’t think I would change much. May have to increase feedings according to size, so just be aware of that.

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Are you saying this is normal size for 39 days? If so great. I’m still confused about how often to feed, once a week twice a week every other day? Also in my area is gonna be getting down around 50° Overnight next few days will they be OK outside ?

Cannabis can survive low temps, (about 38°F I’ve seen a few with snow on them) as long as it warms up during the day. If it’s starting to get fall like, you may need to bring it in to finish, it doesn’t look quite mature enough to fully flower.

Feed as often as you water.

They seem a little stunted for that timeframe, but that does depend on environmental conditions. My best suggestion is to bring them inside to allow them to finish flowering, if you have an adequate light.

If you don’t, they may not finish in time.


My plant survived 70 hours 9 mins when our power was shut off during the hard freeze in Texas. She managed to survive 39 degrees. She did fox tail and that was all.


Left one outside through mid Nov and several hard frosts last year survived just fine.


Hi ur plants look good i used to grow in coco and i use canna nutrients i use to feed every day as the coco doesnt hold nutrients and i only used half to a quarter of what the bottle said to use have tried doin some low stress training on ur plants that will help th get bigger ,the stem on my auto was thicker then ur thumb and the upper part of the stem was as thick as ur finger

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