First timer needs help

First inside grow, always grow on the ditch bank with a little chicken s**t and let nature do the rest. I have a few questions and I please don’t give a extremely complicated answer…
I have 7 granddaddy purple ready to transplant…

I have Fox farm soil ocean forest…
•Do I need to mix it with anything when I transplant?
I have fox farm nutrients.
• when should I start feeding?? I can handle the mixtures
I have a 4x4x80 grow tent 2 300watt CFL Bulbs and 1000 watt Viparspectra full spectrum LED.
• Is that enough light??
I have the ventilation and fans I need.

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Welcome back to the forum.

I would want more light for a 4x4. Maybe a bigger HPS and do away with the Viparspectra?

FF Ocean Forest is pretty hot and you will want to measure PPM to determine when to start feeding. OF is typically good for 6 weeks, but I’ve seen it go 4 weeks and I’ve seen it last as long as 9 weeks. It will depend on how well your plants are coming along.

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What size hps do you recommend for a 4x4

I think @Hellraiser has grown with HPS before. Let’s ask him.

Hellraiser: what’s a properly sized HPS for a 4x4?


An air-cooled 600 watt MH/HPS is perfect for a 4x4, preferably with a dimmable ballast but most are these days. Need a proper exhaust though to control the heat, a 400 cfm exhaust fan.

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Add in around 20% perlite as that stuff tends to compact after several waterings.

Good advice I’ll pick that stuff up today

If your strapped for cash then you actually can make it with those lights. What you will struggle with is light distance.

Those cfls need to be very close to the plants. They are good lights but lose intensity fast the farther away they are from the plant.

The viparspectra wasn’t meant to be used that close however I have seen people literally put those vipars two inches from the plant so maybe you can too.

The cfls won’t be great in flower either because if their color spectrum. If you don’t switch to am hps you will definitely need the red color spectrum from that vipar during the flowering stage


I now have a 600 watt hsp light. Is there any reason a should use the 1000w vipar?