First timer looking for some assistance PLEASE

@OldSkunk has a good tip. @bob31 suggested misting the inside of a clear dome kept over them. You just want a slightly damp SPOT in your pot, if at all.

@bob31 this is the black Magic breakdown …

@stomper the composted bark is probably similar to a soil, but I would do a slurry test on that to see where the pH of the soil is at. My guess is it will be at 5.8 since there is no lime added.

I will check the ph in the morning. I need to buy ph tester.

also have another question regarding lights and to dome them.
the bottom two leaves are turning brown on all three. wish I could post a pic but unable to right now.
Should the plants have on domes and how far should lights be?

these are the lights I have: Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light,300W Indoor Plant Grow Lights Full Spectrum with UV&IR for Veg and Flower . Efficient Growing: this 300W indoor grow lights utilizes high quality 100pcs 3W Epileds chips,…Better Heat Solution: UL approved two cooling fan plus Sunflower radiator system provide better heat…

Galaxy makes decent lights. It will cover a 3x3 area nicely. Leaves dying from the bottom up can indicate a lack of nutes in the soil but if it’s the first baby leaves they wil get used up by the seedling.

It will be easier to see when we get pics.