First timer indoor, new journal: Black Widow, Bruce Banner and GDP photos

How many plants do u do at a time. Amazon has a mini drip system might work for like 3 plants in bigger pots. Has a setup u can put the hose in a smaller res of nutes and it has 15 small quarter inch hoses for plants to drip the water thru pretty slick was gonna grab one and try it out. It would prolly be super sweet for solo cupse but I figure if u place 5 hoses per plant should be good to do 3 bigger plants. This is the machine I’m talking about may help u out just hook to a 1 gallon or 5 gallon bucket rez not a cup lol.

[Upgraded Pump] sPlant Big Power Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit for 15 Potted Plants, Indoor Plants Self Watering System with 30 Day Interval Programmable Timer, Watering on Working Days

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There are a couple diff brands with less hoses on Amazon also. This is a timer and all in one so set it and forget it. Still may try this out if I do I’ll keep u in mind on updates


This is the little guy I just set up. Ran for the first feed this morning. I like that you can control the flow with the spikes provided. I have 4 in each 3 gallon bag, and running for 8 minutes this morning, gave me about 24oz runoff for each. So far, I like it. If it doesn’t start going coocoo cachoo, then I just have to switch the pump back and forth between buckets, and empty collection trays…


If I’m doing my math right, YWA is 5 weeks topside today, and GSCEA is 32 days. Just about as far apart in flower, as well. Both have grown about 2" vertical in the last 2-3 days.



And I feel I’ve neglected the SSH babies here. One has adjusted just fine to the dryer temps. The other, not quite as well, but she is doing good. They’ll get their first full soak on Tuesday or Wednesday…

And the MW sprout is taking her time. I’m not rushing her, either…


Beautiful update my friend

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Hey man, autopot inquiry. They feed from the bottom correct? If so, how is that not different than sitting in runoff? After reading and reading, I’m still scratching my head. Just thinking about Christmas lol.

Pontificate…Pontificate…and other words ending in … ate.

Its not…truth! Treat like hydro, its constant fertigation not frequent…no need feed more than the plant can use, you’ll judge that…You’ll get salt buildup on the outside of the pots as you approach the end of life. In peat this would have been flushed.


My wheels were steerin that direction. Just wasn’t too sure. Thanks for clarfying!


Yeah they usually look crusty around the collar. I do think they’re great


Starting to get some buttons…


Looking beautiful brother :sunglasses: :peace_symbol: :heart: :beers:

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Looking good !!! As usual!

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Thanks @NUG61 and @GreggT . Doing a small defol tomorrow. GSCE has a ton of branches underneath


Automatic drip system is working pretty good. Walked into the room as it finished running. Now to just wait til the runoff trays fill up. Little trim after that. Pics in a little bit.


I’m gonna run out of space…


Just wait till your SSH are mean muggin you at eye level :rofl::joy:


:rofl: :rofl: and both these autos are going an inch a day now too. Take a break I said. Only drop 2 I said. Freakin a lol


I’m in the same boat Bordy lmfao ain’t it grand !!!


Man they are stretching like whoa! I’m seriously impressed! I had to hit them with a pretty heavy defol. You got buttons all over the place!


Lol I’ve been trying to yank any leaves this size and it still doesn’t seem like I made a dent I’m trying to go slow but I really don’t even think they notice when you take leaves from them