First timer indoor, new journal: Black Widow, Bruce Banner and GDP photos

I’m going to ask the dispensary about their delta 8 products. Heading there in a few for my scrip. It’s hit and miss with me. I’ve gotten a vape that only lasted a day because it was so weak and actually thrown others away they were so harsh and ineffective. Then a couple times I’ve been floored and they’ll last a week+.

And to the grow. Found another small group of forming male flowers on the Crazy8 Monkey Fruit. I think I’m going to ask my neighbor if he wants to try and grow it out. If not, sayanara. And outside will be closed for 7ish months. I want to drop more beans.

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Just don’t let him pollinate any ladies you’ve got left. That would be a buzz kill

There’s nothing else outside on my side of the fence except the C8MF. And the girls inside should be pretty safe. The room redo this weekend will ensure that.

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I’d be adios tambien

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Dispensary is a waste of your cheddar. Stick to the homegrown bro and save your cash for that lawyer. That’s a big deal looming. Your grows are probably as good or better anyways lol. :wink::sunglasses::grinning:


Ya, but this way, should courts decide to say hey we need some peepee or something. What really, really upsets me about it all, is so much of my late teens and early to mid 20’s was just thrown away because of the laws. The charges are all gone since they’ve changed, but what about tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers and fines and fees, the evictions and all the sxxx that happened from the laws??? Now, I can go get a prescription for what was totally illegal and I could go on.


I’m with you on having the Card. I’ve had one going on 3 yrs as a safety precaution. But I ain’t wasting cash in those high priced salons. I’ve seen 1/8’s for $75…. And you have a higher priority on the near horizon homey. Laser focus until this is over. Your fam needs you.


I see both sides here. Because I have law enforcement in the family we’ve hashed this out so many times. Regardless of whether or not we agree, or agreed at the time, the actions we took part in were illegal based on the (ridiculous) laws. It’s so black and white to some people.

The politics that created this are heartbreaking and ruined lives.


Its true. To compound the issue we spent 40 years or so not even allowing testing to clear uo the unknowns. Where would cancer treatments be today if we had at least been studying canabinoids.


It is primarily for this reason. I had a huge discount and figure I’d fill it this first time and give it a try, though. I might have an opportunity to get some real cash without forkin my truck over. And not just quick cash, but steady also. I’m not lookin for charity.

It does suck, but there’s no point in holding grudges. Not like I’m blaming anybody. Just like you said, I broke the law and the rules and knew what i was doing. One of those things where its like suuunuuuvaaabiiiiixxx. Life goes on. Like Dreams said, got bigger fish to fry with this other law crap. I’m trying to see if I can pay for like a 2hr consult, and if things look in my favor, go from there.


Even further than that, almost all of the “research” done was by anti cannabis companies trying to further their agenda.

Forward progress Ryan. I have no doubt in you. You’re a family man, you’ll conquer whatever necessary to improve your family :metal:


Well, now I just don’t know what to think?! As has happened before with other autos, I think the switch to flower knocked some male parts out of her, and she’s going back to normal flower. The Poisonberry Auto I grew earlier this year had full blown nads the first couple of days in flower, then produced 3oz of nice, stinky buds. On the C8MF, here, parts that looked potentially suspect yesterday, now have pistils forming. Her buds are thickening, and she has dun dun dun deeeeeeeh!.. trichomes!!!

Inside, her Forbidden Fruitz Auto cousins are looking great, as well. After pics were taken, I rotated them and elevated the shorty, so their tops are about an inch apart, height wise.

The shorty…

The not as shorty…


Sweeeeeet :yum::sunglasses::v::heart:

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Damn beautiful Ryan


No more new male flowers on C8MF. And wife said I can keep her. Shibby!


Ell to the yeah :+1: :grin: :sunglasses:

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Anybody know how to mask that outdoor smell? Growmie has an outdoor in flower so it too late for competetor plants, any other ideas?

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Only way to mask an outdoor grow odor is to hope the wind blows in the right direction.


Tell the neighbors he hit a skunk. The stink lingers on bumpers for weeks - should curb suspicions. I can attest- my wife drove over a dead skunk- didn’t even hit the poor thing - but it was freshly dead enough that we smelled it for about two weeks even after a heavy rain :grimacing:


Gonna have to give her a little trim in a couple of days. These long-stem fan leaves are sitting right on top of buds. I tuck them and the slightest breeze untucks them. Then if a gust comes the leaves slap the tops around.

Crazy8 Monkey Fruit…