First timer in Flower Norther lights

I have these little brownish looking maggots not sure if alive or possible resin on leaves?? Is this ok what is it? Do I need to panic lol!!

What is directly above the plant? Those do not look like any living creature. It looks like Carpenter Bee droppings or something like that.

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I zoomed in as far as I can go. I agree with @HMGRWN. Possibly droppings, possibly larvae of some kind. I don’t think whatever caused it would be above the plant because leaves above the suspect leaves don’t have anything on them. That’s why I feel some sort of bug left you presents of some kind.

Dumb question, do those things brush away or are they stuck? Either way, I think you should get some sort of organic pest spray just to be safe. If they are eggs, you don’t want them hatching and making a meal of her. If it’s poop, at least the spray would prevent bugs from wanting to use her as a restroom again.

Just my two cents. Keep us posted!


Coming along quite nicely!

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