First timer finally asking when to cut

Hi all,

This is MK Ultra started on Xmas day. Buds are getting heavy and I nipped this small one by accident. What do you all think on timing to chop and the plan for between now and then?

Thanks in advance! GG and Blue Dream to follow :slight_smile:

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6 to 8 weeks to go

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Well, based on that bud pic, you’ve got quite a ways to go yet. I can’t really tell if that’s a bud from the bottom of the plant, or top though.

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Thanks @Dclark, @Dexterado - I’ll take a couple more better context. Sorry about that

That’s ok

Hi there. Do you have a pic of full plant? 6 months is a long time . Can’t wait to see her in all her glory


Ok, better context - apologies. Today is day 66 of 12/12, about 59 of flower. Whatcha think?



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Gorgeous ladies! I would cut off a bud from the tall one and check trichs with loupe or microscope. You can cut dow the tall ones and let shorter ones grow if not done.


Much better but Believe you may have up to 4 weeks to go. :+1:


She’s a beast. You may be able to selectively harvest some of the more mature buds but overall I think a few more weeks would add a lot more weight.


U been growing 6 months

Yes tht wht I am talking about

I think it is starting to foxtail in which case it will take months to appear done, while heart of bud gets overdone.

If plant is by itself you should decrease intensity of light for a week or so, then cut it down.

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Thanks all. There are three plants in the tent (GG and Blue Dream too but MK is supposed take the longest?) which I was also going to use for drying too. I’ll get better pics from the tops and repost when they wake up at 7. Should I consider dumping the FF nutes at this point?

I guess I left them in veg for too long…. 6 months does seem a bit much indoors…but what do I know… :sunglasses:

Congratulations, I should only hope to grow buds as big as yours. I am learning, still.

Thanks @DEEPDIVERDAVE…. My first time. I might rather have half the size twice as often based on the way others around here get after it!!! More to choose from in the grove bags that way too. :partying_face: Good times either way!