First time manifolding. 4 plants

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Well, so far dry weight in 2, gallon jars is 1lb total. I have 6 more quart jars full to weigh. Beat my last 4 plants that got less than a pound.


nicely done. now time to enjoy.

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I am enjoying every minute of it :sunglasses:

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me too

this devil Xxl is kicking my arse


Are you making RSO for him?
I am making RSO for myself for now and can’t seem to grow enough in my small tent.
The RSO I have made is having nearly miraculous results on my odd skin growths.
I am seeking to find that right mix of THC/CBD through use of multiple strains.
And to be able to grow enough to produce stage 4 dosage levels
and become familiar with all the aspects of taking Mega-dosages of RSO.
I have not been able to find what others considered stage 4 dosage levels
other than 4 year old Cash Hyde needed a minimum 1+ grams of RSO per day.
So for a 250+ Lbs man I’m guessing like 5-10 g’s of RSO per day.
And that takes a whole lot of weed to produce a month or more supply.
You don’t mind the questions, do you?
If you wouldn’t mind sharing any hints, tips, or tricks you’ve found, would you?

I haven’t tried making anything other than edibles with the trim. He just started trying the rso recently (withing the past 2 months) but i haven’t heard how well it works yet. I have just been resupplying him whem he runs out of flower.

I will ALWAYS share the knowledge I have with anyone that cares to learn. I am still learning as well, and always will be. I took a break from growing for now so I can re think my grow area. Basement is too cold during winter to grow without heaters, and that costs wayyy too much during Maine winters.

Check out my other journal if you are looking for some more information as well.

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If your basement only gets down to 57 that should not be too cold for our plants.
Some claim that dropping temps down in this range overnight during flowering brings out the colors.
Last spring we had a cold snap after I moved some plants outdoors.
We had 5 nights in a row of 35-39 overnight lows. I did put 2ltr bottles over them.
But they still got very cold for nearly a week and no lasting problems occurred.

57 is on a warm day. Regular temps in the basement are around 50 ish. Mostly due to poor insulation because it’s old. The strains I tried without heaters overnight, didn’t seem to care for it.

I will be growing my next plant/ plants in my aeroponics system, so when I get around to testing out what will work to keep things in check, then I’ll be up and running again.

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Yea, I do love the colors it brings out
Blue Dream from last grow

Bubba Kush from previous grow


You may find that the cold concrete floor is just the ticket to keep you from having to buy and maintain a water chiller.

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If you run autos in the winter you can run at a 24 hour light cycle controling the low temps that way

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That’s a good point. I have yet to grow autos. But I will be updating my other journal though if anyone wants to follow along.