First time indoor lots of outdoor

Looking to get myself a Christmas present thinking of these just don’t know what light to go with

I have a 1500w/600w/280w KINGLED lamp shown above. I am happy with it so far. I currently have it in a 33"x46" converted shower on 6 flowering Maui Wowie in scrog. The plants seem happy.

Folks on this site are very high on HLG quantum board LEDs, no pun intended. Top of the line, efficient, a little more expensive, but pays back over the long run.


@MattyBear has that tent, pretty sure he’s happy with it but I’m sure he’ll be by to let you know.

As far as lights go, wait to see what you end up with for tent first. Whichever light you’re going to flower under will be most important. I agree with @Sixpackdad spending a little more on flowering light will pay itself off usually within a harvest or two.

Going with that tent for sure

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Hlg’s xw 260 kit is a really good light for 3x3 space. You can order from growerslights pre assembled and tested if you want. Putting them together though isn’t that big of a deal. If you’re open to a diy project on light would be a few different options.

Let’s just say I’d rather not have to grow in tents, but it seems to be doing the trick @dbrn32 Rob :wink::v:

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I think white case King led is old led technology, this kind of leds with lens is easier to burn out, usually red light will not burn out, 440nm is easy to burn. If you search burn out leds on Youtube,you will see the chips design is similar with this white King led. SMD chips technology and White led QB and white grow bar are more popular this year.