First time indoor grow with the girls

Just would like some help 20 days to flowering. How do they look. Any idea to boost bud production. Or are they looking good


As long as the feed contains potassium and phosphate and you are getting enough nutrients to feed the buds. Runoff 1000>xxx<1400PPM

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If the flower stretch is over, it would be a good idea to give your plant a PK boost next feeding :v::bear:

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agree with mattybear and wickedale, keep your potassium and phosphate between 1000- 1200 and you be fine. plants look great. i have a few indicas that wont take over 1200 ppms but matty and wicked know their stuff so i never disagree with their knowledge. Good luck bud!

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welcome to the forums @Schlegel, i’m a rookie so i won’t comment other than looks like a good start on flowering. good luck on your finish! lots of great folks on here to help out so don’t be afraid to ask.