First time indoor bonsai (small grow space) grow - how long left?

This is my first grow indoors. Last year 2020 was my first outdoor grow, starting with clones from a friend. Yield was 1.5 lb. In February of 2021, I started with ILGM seeds and shared with a dozen friends. They all became outdoors grows.

My seedlings grow box was 24x36 and 30 inch tall. Great for seedlings, not great for yield…but why not?

So, opted for one white widow autoflower.

I topped it and trained to limit the height. Here it is, in its one gallon pot. Nutrition has been ILGM. Ph well water or rain water at 6.3. Watered daily, allowed to near dry.

How much longer? Start the flush now for 2 weeks, ice water in the last week?

Yes, this is for entertainment. I have 6 outdoor plants but they won’t harvest for 6+ weeks…and are more limited to bud rot than choosing when their are Done.


Nice and aye 6 is just a number go hard or go home. I would start checking trichomes for better answer on how long she got. I say 3 more weeks


My thoughts as well.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep checking the trichomes