First time growing tell me what u guys think?

Nice what week of flower are you in.

I’m going into my 7 weeks

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Be patient! You have a ways to go yet. :slight_smile:

What is the avg. time for flowering, I know it depends on a lot different things.
I’m using cfls for light 9 lights at 20 watts. I’m only in forth week but I’m running out of room at the top. Next time I will flower sooner. This is my first indoor grow.

It usually mostly depends on the strain.

Average is about 8 weeks, some can finish maybe as little as 6 and some a bit longer than 9. Vaguely and generally sativas take longer than indicas or ruderalis(autoflowers).

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Hi everyone,

First time growing in many years. Marijuana has just been legalized here in Oregon. Growing outdoors and not doing to bad. Plants are indicas and now are about 41/2 feet tall. I do have one problem I hope someone can give me some direction. I have notice that something is leaving some wholes in some of the leafs on my plants. I would say it is mealy bugs not just sure. If they are how can I take care of them? Any help would be appreciated. You can e-mail me at ************************


Correction on the e-mail ***************************

It doesn’t matter that it is legal locally, it is never a good idea to post your personal e-mail on a public internet forum.

And of course download the e-book if you haven’t already done so.

Happy Growing,


Thanks I will not do that again

I appreciate your input. New this form and need to learn the ins and outs.

No problem, everyone just needs to remember it is still illegal federally in the USA, and in most other countries, as well by many international agreements. And just in general, this is a public forum, the whole world, if they have an internet connection can see this stuff and who knows what kind of harassment from the anti-marijuana people or even just from spammers, you might end up getting, lol.

Het Greenbud, You should have started your own topic. This is off topic from original post. Unless it is your question at the top of the page.

Peace :slight_smile:

The last 6 posts are off-topic; I believe.

Yes I have noticed that still some pistils still cloudy so I figured she still has a long way to be ready il keep u guys posted as the progress continue thanks for the feed back :grin::grin::grin::grin:

You can harvest with cloudy, and amber, trichomes. I was pointing out that as long as the plant is still forming new “Pistis”, it is not done. :slight_smile: