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Hello. First time grower WWA obtained from ILGM. Just planted germinated seedlings today , 4-25. I have 3 that are in separate 5 gal containers in Happy Frog soil. Not in a tent or under lights. They are at my patio door which receives lots of light. My question is will I need to check the ph of the soil and water at any time? If so what should I purchase?

A good digital PH and TDS meter along with Standard Reference Solution 7.0 is a good investment. You also should store the probe on PH meter in storage solution.

Window glass tends to attenuate the light tremendously and cannabis plants have a hard time with that. You will get a lot of stretch which really isn’t what you want. It might be better to dome them and put them in an area of partial shade. Bring in at night.

Happy Frog should be fine so long as you are using R/O or distilled water. Expect to have to supplement that soil before getting to flower. There are any number of good nutrient lines, including Fox Farms. Do some research and see what others are using.

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I would suggest one seed per pot. You don’t have to have a tent and lights, but it helps. If you are going to put them outside then they will need direct sunlight for most of each day and you won’t want the temps to go too much outside of a range from 65F to 85F.

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Thanks so much. So would it be ok to set them outside during the day and bring them in in at night to avoid the issue with glass?

Thanks for the advice. Yes they are in separate buckets.