First Time Grower with Slowness issues.... or impatient?

Hi everyone! Some pretty fun updates today! I ended up purchasing a couple more Spider Farmer SF-2000 lights, and I put another one in each tent, just to ensure that I have adequate light for future grows. We’ve also been experiencing some really cold overnight temperatures, down into the low 30s! :cold_face: So, I brought my little space heater out and set it up to heat to 78 degrees. Now, with the lights off, the tents stay in the low 70s, and while the lights are on, the tents are in the high 70s to low 80s. It’s very tempting to start off some Autos and see if they can withstand the winter growing out in my garage. Even if it doesn’t get huge, it would be a fun experiment to see if I could keep some growing over the winter…

Anyways, here are some updates on the tents with the new lights. Sorry for the cords and wires everywhere, I need to take everything down, sanitize everything, wipe down fans, and reset these tents before I start my next grow… and I can’t do that until I harvest these last 5 plants!

The Gold Leaf on the left here has been acting like she’s sck for a few weeks… haven’t had anywhere near enough time to diagnose.

The two on the right side are nearing 160 days from seed, and over 2 months since it was flipped to a 12/12 light schedule.

There are 400 watts of power on the left, and 650 watts on the right. All Spider Farmer SF_series lights.

Top-down view right:

Top-down view left:

These two Gold Leafs are nearing 160 days old, from seed. Unfortunately, I let her veg too long and she got long shoots that are now flopping over with the weight of the buds growing on them, hence the hemp string and twisty ties holding up the branches.


This is the Purple Kush Auto. The moldy branch that I cut isn’t visible in this pic, but this is a picture of the main stalk of the plant… the buds on this thing are super plump and juicy and wet… I touched it with my bare hands and even after FastOrange, dawn dish soap, and a shower, I could still smell weed on my fingers when I went to bed that night… this thing is sticky-ICKY!

Unfortunately, not having enough time to tend to these girls ended up costing me most of a branch on the Purple Kush Auto on the right side of this tent. Pretty upsetting seeing her get mold, but I cut the branch off and continuing to monitor. The trichs are close, but still too clear. Hardly any Amber at all, barely even any cloudy trichs, yet. Another 1-2 weeks and she’ll be ready.

This is one of the bigger stalks on this plant. That cola measures nearly 4" thick at the widest part.


This Gold Leaf plant is around 120 days old from seed. Her and her sister appear to be healthy and green. They’ve been packing on some buds this past few weeks, and have the look of being dipped in raw sugar these days. :heart_eyes_cat:

This is the sister Gold Leaf, with equal sugar-coating! :snowflake:

Thanks for stopping by and hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Girls are looking great brother :sunglasses::v::heart::beers:

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Thanks very much, @NUG61 :pray: :heart:

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:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: need a bucket and a mop for this wet ass canussy

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Bud rot is a b!tch. Be ready with a peroxide and water wash after harvest day to keep the buds from molding during the cure. :v:

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Thanks, @Graysin! Yeah, pretty bummed about the rot. Good call on the bud wash, I’ll make sure to do that three bucket system. :pray:

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All three are close-up shots of the Gold Leaf plants from Saturday:



Hey everyone! sorry for the severe delay in posting… things have gone completely out of control, everything is up in the air, no time to do anything, busy beyond belief!!!

That being said, I tried the best I could to continue taking pictures and documenting my grow process here. I’ve now fully cut down and am hang-drying these girls at this point.

And, fun, fun! I decided to start 5 new Super Lemon Haze autos that I’m going to attempt to grow during the cold months. I’m going to use this as a test to see if I can grow through the winter, basically all year round.

The two oldest Gold Leaf plants made it nearly 170 days, which I feel was WAY too long… I let them veg for nearly 3 months before flipping to 12/12.

You can see that they are just falling over and I had to string them up so that they would continue to get light. They were just too tall, and I won’t be doing that again…

As for the other Gold Leaf plants, these girls made it between 130 and 135 days from seed. They look a lot more stable, and they are just PACKED with Trichs!

I’m really excited for these younger Gold Leafs.

And the color that came out of these girls was quite spectacular. Was always a beautiful sight coming to see the girls nightly :heart:

Here was the last of the Purple Kush Autoflowers. This girl made it a really long time, and I kept checking the Trichs, but they weren’t turning Amber, so I let her “linger longer”. She ended up getting some bud rot in one of the colas, but I begrudgingly cut that off, threw it in the garbage, and made sure to use extra H202 in my bud wash. Nice dense and hard nugs should come off of her.

This was just a pic of getting started. I was really not sure how long this would take, but after the trimming, I was doing and the tidying up of the area… I had probably 10 hours on this project over the weekend, between cutting, pruning, trimming, bud washing, wiping, drying, and cleaning, LOL. A lot more time than I had available, that’s for sure. But, it’s done and I’m super happy with the results.

I also was happy to get a chance to use my new Trim Bin! This thing works a lot better than I expected and would highly suggest picking one up if you don’t have one.

i don’t know how much “product” I’ll get out of this harvest. I think between the PPK and the SLH that I already harvested, that was probably near around 8 ounces… which, I’ve smoked or ate over half of that already, LOL :rofl: hence the need for more SLH!

Really appreciate everyone watching this for the past ~6 months and providing help and assistance along the way! I’ll be back now and then, but with the Winter setting in, I think the growing cycles are going to slow down until Q2 of next year. I’ll get these Super Lemon Haze plants going and post on them as much as I can.

Thanks, everyone! And I hope you all have a very awesome, grateful, and enjoyable Thanksgiving with your family/friends/loved-ones. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Does anything look off with the plant. From the time it first started to pop out of the ground 3/22 to now it only has two leafs. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?
This is GSC auto.
ph 6.8
humidity is 51%
74 degrees
Using LED lights full spectrum.

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Looks like a healthy sprout to me, I would get that RH up around 65-75% and temps 78-85 for the first few weeks :love_you_gesture:

Thanks, I will get those numbers up.

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When can or should I transfer to a bigger pot?

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Hey this is my first time with autoflower and I’m just curious if it’s looking good or should I know something more thanks for any replies haha my first time using this also so…

Hey this is my first time with autoflower and I’m just curious if it’s looking good or should I know something more thanks for any replies haha my first time using this also so… sorry to bother just new.

I transplant around day 14-20 if the seedling is healthy :love_you_gesture:

Can you tell me what’s up with this plant? This one is different the other one. It was planted on march 20.
PH 7.4
RH 33%
Temp 80
Using full spec LES lights.

Get the RH up around 65%-75% Growmie and PH at 6.5. Temps are excellent for a seedling :love_you_gesture:

What is going on with this plant? It’s 5 weeks old.