First time grower not sure what's wrong with my autoflowers

It’s exactly 21 days old since sprouting above soil today.

Wow that is amazing! Do you have a journal going that I can follow along with?

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For this one not really ( at least not on here). My last grow which was my first went really well and about the same speed as this one. Should be able to click my profile name and find the blue dream first grow title I made. This one is a side project I wanted to do while I was waiting for my main tent to be ready which I did just start ( they are just sprouting from soil) but they are my first Photoperiods so idk what’s going to happen but you can follow along there as well lol. It’s newbies 2nd grow something along those lines.

This autoflower grow has been very simple, a generic Alibaba light, full spectrum with older Samsung diodes in a 2x2 tent. Planted in happy frog soil in a 3 gallon fabric pot. I soak the pot and soil about 3 days before I plant seed and run light so it dries a little but still moist. I germinate in cups of water until tap root is out , plant down about .5 inch or so drop a few drops of water on top after I bury it. Then just crank my humidity up around 70% while they grow into their first set of leaves. Pretty simple setup. I do have a YouTube video of this grow going over the setup but idk how to get you over to it. My name is growing is 4 everyone I only have one video so far, if you can find it by all means check it out.

thanks Newbie Ill check it out.

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