First Time Grower Got A Twin Seed

Hey All .!! My First Grow Session I Lost 14 plants a couple weeks ago wrong soil.! They all died in a week… and 5 never germinated after my replacements arrived replanted (Super Skunk Gem) them directly in soil on Friday… All germinated so today I sit outside to get natural heat and light. I Watered and Pushed Thin Holes In Each Cup For Air Flow. I Return An Hour Later To Find My First Seed That Germinated “The Runt Also” Had Produced Two Seeds In One Pot (TWINS.!!!)… And The Second Sprout Was Bigger Than The Origional Sprout Which Popped Out Saturday. After Research I Have Successfully Transplanted The Smaller Twin Into It’s Own Pot.!! And Lucked Up On A Bubba’s Gift Seed In Some Bud I Bought The Same Day It Has Germinated As Well.!! WILL update my thread in 1 week after Feeding.


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Thank You For The Welcome.! :hugs::hugs: Look Forward To Any And All Newbie Grower Advice… After My First 14 Plants Died I Was Devastated And Wanted To Give Up I Was SICKKKK.! But after studying and asking and day in day out research I am much more confident with these next two strains .!

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Thank Youuuuuuuu :hugs::hugs::hugs: