First time grower 3 super skunk & 2 gold leafs

first time grower off the gulf coast, long time lover of the plant… been reading tons of the topics and there are a lot of very knowledgeable growers out there and the post have been very helpful in getting me started so thank you all for sharing ur knowledge. So these plants I’m growing are just experimental just to see how hard it was going to be for me to grow them, u know, to see if I have a green thumb or not lol. I’m doing this for my wife as she has had two back surgeries and it help with the pain and stress related to the pain so with that said I do have some questions so I can move forward with planting more plants. I topped two of the super skunks and left one alone and didn’t top either one of the two gold leafs which they don’t look as good as the SS do to me? Been doing my best to keep the ph 6.3-6.8 using distilled water for the most part but when I don’t have it I use fox farm ph up or down. Using fox farm tiger bloom now every other watering while their flowering. Any and all comments and advise are appreciated… sorry so long just want to get this right. Thank you


1st. Planted on April 7th.

2nd. Do the plants look OK and healthy?

3rd. Are any of the herbs?

4th. I want to layer soils for the plants to grow in to help minimize the addition of liquid fertilizers, is this a good or bad idea?

5th. Last question is it ok to grow next batch in the 5 gallon buckets or should I move them out of the buckets and into the ground?


Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

I think they look healthy! Great start IMO. I respect growing for the wife!!!

Am an indoor grower, let’s see if I can get some outdoor growers to help you.

@DankBank22 or @OlyBoy98503

Happy growing!

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Hey @Hoginator. First off, Welcome and Happy Growing.
I grow outside as well. Not seeing anything that stands out from an issue standpoint. Their colors look good.
I see stigma and Thrichomes on the last few picks. That one is in Early early stage flower!!
So that will produce!
As for the 5gal buckets, i would personally suggest leaving them in. Their root system is huge now, and would be difficult (although not impossible) to transplant.
But of course…growers choice!!
Hope that helps. And ask away, we are here to help! :v:t2:


Outa like @Zee but thanks for the tag homie!!


Oh @Hoginator
One thing I would recommend…drill some drain holes in those 5gals.
Def one in the middle on the bottom.
And a couple on the sides near the bottom.
Will help push fresh oxygen through the roots!!


I agree with @DankBank22 . Your plants look good. The only problem is that plastic buckets won’t drain very well. Drilling holes will also allow more air to get to your roots.

For future grows, you might want to consider purchasing some of these fabric flowerpots.

Welcome to ILGM. This is a great forum to learn by watching other growers and seeing what works for them. Read about other growers that are doing what you’re doing and adopt some of their techniques and tag people in your grow to ask them questions.

Also check out what @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie does with his plants. He’s a freak. :joy::rofl::rofl:

Ok great thank you, I do have four big 1/2" holes equally spaced around the buckets and they don’t hold water long so should I put more holes? These things drink tons of water or it just drains out to fast not sure, ur thoughts on this?


Hey! I represent that remark. :joy::wink:


Man…ya know as soon as I posted that, I zoomed in and saw your drain holes hahahahah!! So good on ya.
Then you’re good to go man, you’re looking at buds in about 6-8weeks!!!

And yeah @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie
A Freak bwahhaha


Looking good!

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Ok great, the bag pots for sure on the next grow… thanks for the link. How much longer do you think these plants will flower?

Lol just seen the 6-8 weeks

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Thank you and I take constructive criticism well, I just want to do whats best for the plants so I’m willing to try what is proven any day. Bags it is on the next grow. I will be planting next week. Thanks for the good advice

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Girls are looking great!:sunglasses:

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When you get to using fabric bags make sure to have them elivated 3" or 4" off the ground but make sure you use an Inert material .
I bought 12’ of square plastic rainwater downpipe and sawed them to 2 x 12" long x 4" square plastic downpipe to support them and the rest of the 4 bag grow of almost ready pot.

Thanks Mega 420, trying lol…

They are drinking. A. Lot.

And the breezier it is, the more they drink.

How much do they normally get when you water them?

My outside plants get 2 gal of water every other day and they are super light two mornings later. I should bump mine up to 2.5 gal since the we are starting to get temps in the 80s now.

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Whats up DankBank22, quick question about my girls Super Skunk, I not sure but looks like some of the buds are ready to harvest but not all see pic. Also i have not purged yet. Do I have time to purge or should I just harvest the buds that are ready then start purging? Would have tag the other guy that replied to my post last month but I’m still trying to learn this forum lol… thanks for the help.