First time grow (blue dream autos) looking for advice

Ok I will have to try that next time. How much do you think I should use when mixing in? I’ll have to try it out next time I don’t think I can get any nearby and I have seeds that are probably ready to be planted tomorrow morning

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Just follow directions on bag.

The best advice is download the grow bible, it tells you everything you need to know. On my 4th and still refer to it sometimes

@Docnraq hey so just fed my plants and noticed an egg like smell coming out of the tent. Never had this happen before and I’ve read it can mean a few different things. The plants themselves look fine so far. I’ve been pruning them gradually while they are in veg and they have responded great. Just wanted to know what you might think and if it’s something to worry about.

I was wondering if it had anything to do with soil being very compact. For some reason, the soil has compacted a lot more than normal this time. Not sure why that is but if that’s an issue, am I able to add more soil on top of the older soil?

Compacted soil and egg smell could mean that your soil isnt drying well in parts (prolly in the center area). Gotta let it dry out real well, especially because its so compacted. What has your runoff ph been like?

You can fill in the blank space with fresh soil but it looks like you are in flower so if you are using a pre ammended soil you probably shouldn’t as it is likely loaded with nitrogen (although strawberry fields from FF would work good in this instance).

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Fletch422 I’m going to tag myself in this just so I can fallow. Catch up when I can. Got a lot to learn from your experiences.

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I had watered like 6 days prior to yesterday and I let it drip out into a bowl really good before I put it back after watering. The smell seems to have subsided this morning and they look like they have perked up.

Will keep an eye on them but seems like it resolved itself. I’ll make sure to let them drip dry when watering as much as possible!

I mean let it dry out before watering again. Compacted soil dries slower.

Mines starting to get compact. They will dry out for 8 days. See what happens.

Pinned the sides of the bag.