First Time Grow AK-Auto

It is still pretty cold here, so i have a heater going 24-7 to maintain 70-73 degrees. Because of this i am having troubles getting the rh up. Im at 40% with a humidifier running. With that in mind, how long should i keep the dom on for?

what kind of humifier do you gave?

you may have to go back to using domes, alot dont use them though, but if helps. exhaust fan? or fans blowing air?

I have been keeping the dome on. Just not too sure when to stop keeping her domed up

Here is a lil better pic of my set up at this point. There is a fan up above the light, on low, blowing the warm air back down.

Im growing these now , ak 47 fems

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I hope my lil girl looks that good soon

I just wanna wish a Happ 1 Week to this lil girl.

She has them lil spots, but i look at them as birth marks.

Please tell me what y’all think

I’m a few weeks away from harvesting my AK47 Auto. She sprouted on 11/3 and is taking her time


She is definitely beautiful. Was that your first grow?

This is my 2nd grow. The 1st was a learning lesson- bad lighting, miracle grow soil, etc…

Did you do a Jurnal on here by chance? Id love to see iy.

No, I kept notes for my 2nd grow on a pad at home. It’s not very detailed.

3x3x72 tent
Wills 2000w light I got off of Amazon
5 gallon fabric pots
Biobizz soil
Botanicare grow and bloom nutes
I never checked my PH or run off. Used tap water that I let sit for several days before using it

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nice stack

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Thats what mine looked like at birth , mine now at 5 weeks


Great healthy looking gunch ya got

We are at about 3 1/2 weeks above ground now. Are thoes what i think they are?