First time greenhouse grow | Yellow + Black Spots / Yellowing On Leaves & Dying Lower Leaves

Hey! I’m total newbie. Got some spots on some leaves and some wilting lower down.

Autoflower. Royal Dwarf. Outdoors in pot in greenhouse. Just standard loam based compost and generic nutrients. V humid recently.

Is this just me being a newbie and not appreciating the finer points of careful growing, or something more sinister?

Wondering if someone more seasoned can offer some advice



Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

Let’s see if @OlyBoy98503 or @Cannabian around. :slight_smile:

you may want to have a real careful examination of the undersides of your leaves? The train of white spots and some holes may indicate pests? If so, not the end of the world, just might need to treat for it. As for drooping, yes excessive heat and humidity can certainly cause that. Ensure you have good air exchange / ventilation or you may end up withpowdery midew as well.
Its also possible that your medium may be deficient in something and a tea or seaweed/ kelp may help there? I think what would be very helpful would be to fill out a support ticket. You can find a template for it using the magnifying glass search. Type in ( suppprt ticket ) then copyband paste that to your thread .