First time autoflower blue berry

What spectrums do you use for autoflower blueberry

Lighting? Same lighting that you would use for any other strain.

What is your current lighting solution?

Bestva2000w full spectrum do I use full spectrum all the time through its entire grow or do I use veg then go 2 full spectrum

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Welcome if you are past seedling stage and got a nice healthy 6 inch plant I would go with both veg and Bloom switch on. Good luck with your grow.

I just put them in the ground I have them on veg only 1’ from soil

Having your LED 12” from a tender seedling might be a touch too close. You can use the back of your hand to sense the temperature your plants will be exposed to, keeping in mind your seedlings can’t take the degree of heat or intensity they’ll prefer later on.

I’d start my LED at 24” and move it closer by a few inches daily. Alternatively, you can rely on a dimmer.

They’re not out of the ground yet I was planning on moving to dump to 24 when they came out of the ground thank you for your advice