First smoke after 23+ years…

After a 42 year career, I am done. Vacation and comp time until the end of August, then officially retired. I was able to partake Friday night for the first time in over 23 years, and all I can say is “OH MY”! To say the weed has changed since then would be a huge understatement. I love it! It made a perfect weekend even better, and today’s starting off great too. I do have a current grow in process, but I won’t be putting out much info on that until I’m totally off the payroll. The company has a Police force and a social media department, and I’m not gonna take a chance. But I’m still going to enjoy!


Yahoo for you. Soon you will be free at last to enjoy a plant that has unknown befits to man. Smoking or eating this great plant to get you high is one aspect, but there are the medical wonders this plant can afford you. happy growing and enjoy :rofl: :bat:


Thanks, I’m enjoying it now, and it is great. I’m done with the drug tests, so it’s on!


Congratulations on your retirement ! I’m not going to be far behind you.


Congrats, sounds like a well earned rest! :grin:

Hopefully things in the current grow are ‘on track’ :wink:


@kellydans Thank you, and best wishes on your upcoming retirement as well! I think a man could get used to this… :sunglasses:

@Unicron Thanks! The grow is going ok, not perfect, not bad. I will hopefully do better next time, but I believe this one should turn out alright. :crossed_fingers:


@Ontrack - Dam I hope I can reach Not bad… lol… :grimacing:

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I’ll vouch for retirement. I am 18 months into it and never looked back. Started growing several months before officially retiring. I grow for my wife, I don’t partake, and love growing the stuff. There are guite a few of us on the forum.
Welcome and enjoy


Thanks, happy to join the crowd!

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Like wise and 20 years on lock down. Not a legal lock down though😂. That was 18 years ago and have enjoyed the increasing potency and strains since then. Welcome to the community by the way🤟

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Thanks @OGIncognito!

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I quit for 26 years, and will always remember my return to it; got so wicked-stoned I could barely function.

Not so much anymore… :wink:


Same here! I’ve smoked every day since July 16, and I’m finally getting where one hit doesn’t render me useless. It’s a good thing I didn’t have to hide being stoned for the first week or two, it was definitely obvious. Loving every minute of it!

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