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I see you posted about the purple)red stems. I had that problem when my pH meter took a shit. Took me a couple weeks to figure it out. The branches got real stiff. Unbendable. But one I got it figured out I was glad it happened. Because the branches were stronger they were able to hold up the big buds with no problem

Happy Growung!


What had happened? Was the pH off then? I’ve been somewhat skeptical about it. I have a soil testing kit somewhere, but honestly I forgot about it.

That looks awesome, what is that?


Yes I purchased a cheap pH meter from Amazon cleaned the glass Everytime I used it and ruined it. So my neighbor brought one over for me to use and it was old and bad also. So I purchased a good one and take care of it now.
This is a Grand Daddy Purple. She is just about done cooking. Maybe another week or so. She is short and fat with Beautiful buds. She is a clone off my first grow ever. Could not have done it without the help of everyone on this site.


That looks awesome! Have to tell me how she smokes, cuz GDP is probably going to be in my next run! Yeah, guess I’ma have to get a pH meter or test my soil more regularly or both. Something’s up with em.

I would like a smoke report also @Mucluc
Just started 2 Gdp autos. First autos for me, only done photos up til now.

1 Like I haven’t harvested her yet but the mother plant I clonedher from is so smooth and just a whole body chill buzz. I am hoping she is the same.

2 Likes I am thinking you have a few nute problems. But my ideas might not be correct, so I am going to tag someone to help.

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What’s the post no. for me to go to?

I’m New here as well and on my first crops so I am all ears and eyes. Your plants look amazing keep up the great work and keep us posted.


Thank you!

@Budbrother Might start at 77. If it’ll help, I’m seeing yellowing/browning of leaves, crispy leaves, some reddening on the leaves of the wedding cake, red/purple stalks, and what appears to be a slight cal deficiency. I haven’t had time to find my soil testing kit, I’m super busy right now. With all the problems I’m seeing, I think one of the earlier posters is correct that it’s some kind of ph problem. My soil isn’t fully living, it’s just some organic soil media mixed together, so I don’t think it’s maintaining ph as well as full blown living soil would. Thank you for any input!

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Needs P & Ca

Needs P. With the leaf bronzing also, I’m wondering if you have excess iron, that would cause a lockout of phosphorus.


Water update! From 2-13-24

Gave em 1.25gal of water with 1/2 tsp of liquid fish, 1 tbsp of pure epsom, and a 1/2 tsp of lotus bloom nutes.

They are continuing to decline in health. Most large fan leaves are starting to curl, and turn colors. With regard to the wedding cake, I chalked some of this up to her being in her last few weeks, but starting to think that’s not it. That being said, the buds are still setting in real nicely. Just hoping this doesn’t stunt the production.

White Widow!


Wedding Cake!


@LetsGrow2024 Welcome to our Cannafamily, this forum is chock full of slightly stoned individuals itching to help you with your grow

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Welcome aboard our happy forum. Take a wander around you’ll find lots of great info!