First large grow in producer. Blueberry photos

Second grow in the producer.
17 of 18 blueberry photo’s popped.
Running 18/6 and mantis nutrients only.
Will probably have to pinch the tops a few times, it is 75% indica so should be short enough. Just not sure about the width of the plants.


What and how many did you grow the first time?

The first grow was a huge cluster.
I had N lights auto, and Bruce banner fast.
Only 2 of each because that’s all the seeds that sprouted out of 20.
Huge learning curve about different strains in the same box.
Had a fairly successful outdoor grow this summer.
1 N lights, 1 Bruce banner, 1 pink berry amd 2 QC blue.
Only yielded 7 ounces but a good smoke.

The producer certainly dictates the style and size of the plants. Does each plant have about 9x9" grow space? To grow in that space the plants can not veg for very long and would have to be severely restricted as to their size and shape. There are several posts about growing in solo cups or net pots. What they have in common is numerous plants, short veg, and pruned to only a few colas. Search solo cup challenge, Sea of Green SOG.
I am nearing the end of a SOG grow of six plants, in 1-gallon pots, coco & Jack’s is a 2x2 scrog frame Another Clone SOG and TBD
Before that I did 12 single colas plants in 6" nursery pots in soil in the same frame.
17 - 18 plants can be done in that space but it will require major pruning and maintenance. You mentioned numerous pinching. Are you talking about topping or pinching off growth tips? The latter would be the necessary action.
You can see from my referenced thread I am a fan of combining the two methods. SOG with SCROG.
Just some thoughts. Good Luck.

looks like it is time to start reigning in the big girls.
Wonder why the ones in the center are out growing the others. For some reason they are happier there than in the outer pots.

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Did some trimming and cleaning of large and bottom leaves.
I was wondering about those as well, the only difference is they are under my CFL bulb.(not even turned on) and the rest are direct LED dome lights. :man_shrugging:

What is the LED light that you have? Do they come as part of the package? Built into the ceiling? The growth difference is pretty consistent. Do you think those pots get more / better nutrient flow? It is hard to think that kind of difference is do to circumstances and putting all the faster growing phenotypes together like that. Can you lift them out individually and rearrange them?

Moved plants.

Never know unless you see if it makes a difference.
Looks like they recovered quickly. Are you or have you removed any growth tips? Some are getting bushy.
Can you use a net in there?

I have trimmed them once.
And yes I have a net for the box.
I noticed my air stone were misplaced when I changed the water, all the stones were near the middle so no root growth on the side plants.

I guess they need to breath. Quite a difference

Before and after trim. Is it ok? Any input will help.

Your defoliation looks good. It opened them up a lot. Any thoughts on how many flowering branches you can keep (colas). Just a point of reference. This is my SOG I had to harvest. It is only six plants in 1 gallon pots. Each was pruned to have three or four colas.

They are in a 2x2 frame and every square of the scrog net has 1 or 2 buds in it.

I have 24 branches drying. Most have additional smaller buds in addition to the main colas.

Is it ok that I’m waiting to thin them more to see what branches are the healthiest?

My main concern is aver all size. Also, the height disparity. Normally I would say bend the taller one but I don’t know where they would go. Another option is to top the tall ones. They can even be cup back a node or two.

I’ll do that tomorrow.
Thx Beardless.

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trimmed, thinned and netting in place.
Topped some tall
Ones to be same heights as the short ones.

Dome LED’s, factory installed as an upgrade.

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This is a couple scrog frames I use. Showing it to show how I used 1/2" flat head screws and mason line to make the grid. The squares about 3x3.

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