First indoor grow Need input

I always grow outside so this is new to me. What’s going on with my plants?

I’m a newbie as well currently on my first grow, but from what I’ve read it looks like you’re in need of defoliation. A lot of the leaves under the canopy aren’t getting enough sunlight and are 1. Draining energy that could be used for bud sites and developing useful fan leaves and 2. Dying because they’re not receiving enough light. I’m no expert so I’d say wait for a more seasoned grower to give advice but This is my honest opinion.

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The first pic almost looks like your plant is thirsty what size pots are you in

You need to dose with cal mag. That’s a minor def (Mg) going on now: best to get ahead of it.

They are in 3 gallon pots how much cal mag do I use?

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Follow the package directions

Got them fed. Do I need to trim off some of the lower growth?

Yeah but you would benefit from some training on your plants: some LST to spread out or supercrop to spread em.