First Indoor Grow-GDP issues

Rain water is perfect every time . And it’s free🦆

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Only thing that 2 prong meter is good for is you can use it to get an idea of the light spread in you tent or grow area…

You can not gage how good your light us or its “PAR” output…

But it’s useful to simply wave it around the top of the plants and when the needle drops, you know that is the edge of you light spread…

But absolutely none of the number readings are accurate at all… They should not even be allowed to sell them thing imho!

Sry man I waisted alot of time and had a really crap harvest my first time because no one told me this and I bought one if them :man_facepalming:.

Good suggestions above on brands.

This is what I use now.

The truncheon for testing ppm/ec is a little expensive, but it never requires calibration and reads cf,ec,ppm 500 scale, and ppm 700 scale… so there is never any confusion on what someone means when they say “my ppm is 1000” or “give your plant 1000 ppm” is that on the 500 scale or the 700 scale? Because there is about 500 ppm difference in the two :man_facepalming:

A worth while investment my freind :grin:


If you are really strapped for cash something like these will actually work fairly well long as you don’t ever drop them in the water… but they are alot cheaper,
but you get what you pay for with these types of meters that’s for sure…

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I am betting it is a ph issue if any thing…

A PH issue will have the most seasonal grower chasing ever nutrient issue and pest issue there is… PH out can do all kinds of things.

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Just the bottom ones, but if it’s spreading more, check ph.


@1HappyPappy word thanks for the advice man. i ended up buying a bluelab ph pen. it came td so i’ll use it tm after calibration

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Good move my freind your girls will be thankful :grin:

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