First hydro grow

My first dwc,my roots are starting to submerge, not all of them but some,do I wait to lower nutrient level or lower right away?

Where is the water level now in relation to the net pot? Do you have a gap between water and basket, just touching, or is it sitting in the reservoir?

How many roots in the water? Pictures? Post photos whenever possible.

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6 long roots,basket is in water,mabe 3/4 the way up

Have the water level about even with the bottom of the net pot, maybe a half inch gap between them…

The medium the seed started in should not be submerged or even touching the reservoir, water should wick up or splash up.

How is your aeration? What kind of air pump and air stone do you use? The more air, the better.
Water temps should be 65-69F.

I’ll do a change of nutes and lower today,air is huge,enough to support a hump back whale, water temp is 65

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How can I bring up my ppm? Is there an additive for that purpose?

So do I keep the nutrient level that high for the life of the plant?

ppm is related to concentration of dissolved substances in your water…nutrients, pH up and down, other organic and inorganic substances.
Start the nutrients at a low dose and increase slightly with each feeding, watching the plant for overdosing. Some people like the ppm at a minimum (800-900) during flowering, some growers pack as much as they can (1600 +) into the plants. Some plants will tolerate it, some will prosper, some will suffer. You watch and determine the limits.

I’m confused about how high the water level should be in my bucket,always up to the net pot?

Just below the net pot
then when the roots are fully in the water it isn’t as important and you can leave the fair gap under the net pot infact its good to leave some of the root in the air.
with out knowing the shape and size of the net pot and bucket its hard to give you an exact gap size


Start with a 1/4, 1/2 inch gap… when the roots and plant have grown and she is flowering, increase the gap up to an inch, inch and a half, no problems.

Perfect,thank you,she is in a six inch net pot in a five gallon bucket

Yes as @kabongster said for that size bucket but as they get older and the roots grow longer the gap is less important
I used 80L tubs when I used this system I kept the air pump out side the grow area to make sure the air was fresh I found this made an improvement to health of the plants.
Also I had I few small 12v water pumps with 360 sprayers fitted to a 40cm hose I would drop in the tub until the root made the water.
I will find a picture for you if I can a store put me on to the idea.

Sounds interesting. This is my first dwc,I usually grow in happy frog medium in a self watering pot,in the bottom of the pot I have to air stones bubbling away,seems to make a difference. I thought I would give the dwc a try,its been fun,challenging,stressful but I’m glad I doing it

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Seems that I need to raise my water temp,any suggestions on a heating blanket for dwc?

What is the air temperature of your grow area? The bucket water should warm up from those temps.
Is the bucket on the floor? Sometimes floors will suck all the heat out of the water…put something for the bucket to sit on, preferably waterproof in case of spills.

Room temp is 75, good point it sits on my basement floor. I have tons of roots but upper groth is slower than my soiless mix

I used an exercise item, an unused step platform that was next to the unused stationary bike…

Your plant is probably past thinking Winter is coming…get it into the right temperature for a bit, and it’ll recover and grow again.