First harvest question

I’m coming up on my fist harvest. I’ve seen the widely circulated info graphic of essentially 4 stages of trichomes. The first being all clear, which in my optioning, non harvestable. Anyways I’ll cut to the chase.

Is there any harm in harvesting a plant in stages? Like half the plant when the trichomes are all cloudy and no amber for speedy high and then the rest 10-14 days later?


No harm, and usually the tops are further along than the mid and lower buds so can take those first and let the rest go for a while longer.


I sometimes do. Its different for each strain but I’ve found a 2 week or so gap can make a lot of difference in how a bud smokes.

I just recommended exactly this to someone using alaskan purple. Its a totally different high after a 2 or 3 week gap