First harvest. Is it time?

What’s up everybody? Very first grow, plenty of challenges along the way. Bubblegum Extra is further along than all the others.

I’ve tried to get good images of trichomes in order to get some advice. They look “milky” to me, but I’m not about to cut anything until I hear from the experts.

What is the potential rush in waiting? Would YOU harvest now or wait?

Thanks for the help! :metal::sunglasses::metal:

Those are all the leaves which ripen 1st you have to look at the bud trichomes here’s what to look for


Here’s hopefully a better shot of trichomes. None have begin to amber, but to me it looks like 80-90% are milky already.

No leaf drooping or yellowing at all yet, either, if that matters.


Still looks too early to me. They are still pretty clear.


It looks like another week at least.Jewelers loupe or a small inexpensive microcamera,about$50 on Amazon, will give a clear look.I have one and its amazing how close up you can see.Way better than a loupe.


Agreed. Look again in a week and reevaluate.

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