First grow with my new dirt

My new dirts working for my 4 plants :joy:

[Uploading: PXL_20230109_165800364.PORTRAIT.jpg…


With lights off would be able to appreciate the plants much more.
Members are always looking for soil recipes. Mine is easy. Coco and perlite. Done


I use living soil In a 4x4 haven’t had no need for nutes or any pH balance or runoff test. Just hose water and she grows. Toss some worms in it so it’s cool to find them eating around and I toss all my egg shells and stuff in the bin. They almost done. Just working on some more amber


About like garden and compost piles. It does work.

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Yeah kinda just no food scraps. Only thing I add is eggs shells cuz I have chickens and top dressing between flower and grow. Seems to be working I’ll keep at it. So relaxing watching the plants grow

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