First grow using Worm Poo as medium

Thanks Budbrother for the confirmation of what I was thinking was going on.

Yea jewels all those clones weren’t planned just when trimming didn’t want all those cuttings to go to waste…although many did. I haven’t dropped a seed in quite awhile so gonna try and refrain from anymore GL clones for awhile but it’s so dam tempting.

So I up potted the last clone that was in the cow pot into a 2 gallon pot using my latest soil mix. Took an idea from @shindig153 and used an old Neam meal box as the top cover. I top dressed with some Neam kelp alfalfa, oyster shell fresh worm castings with worms and bugs plus some fresh leaves and some straw before covering with cardboard box part. I’ve been using old boxes for outside garden and inside newly mixed and recycled soil as a top cover. The worms and bugs love it.

Put the 3 gallon 6 footer and the 1 gallon 4 footer in the flower tent and bent/broke the 6 footer some to start the training and removed some low branches etc.

Removed one NA4 yesterday and she’s in the time out room for another day. That freed up enough room for the two I put in last night in above pics.

Here are the remaining NA4 still not quite ready but dam close

The 2 big GL clones very close and the small one is about 3 weeks away and the smallest one another 5+ weeks yet

Keep feeding your cannabinoid system folks and enjoy the day


Put another GL clone in time out for a couple days and harvested one of the NA4 tonight. Looks like it will be about 5 zips when dried.
The two I have in the WeDryer now are taking forever to be ready for jars and that’s a good thing and a bad thing cause I will need to make room.



Blue Dream 9 days drying in WeDryer. Not quite dry but close enough and will trim and jar today. If it’s still too moist I’ll leave lids off or set in a paper bag but need the room for another GL will be harvesting today.

Looks to be about 4 1/2 zips or so.


Also got some new nutrients yesterday.
Solutions grade calcium and Langbeinite needed for my 45 gallon pot as tomato plants having issues with calcium and added some dolomite lime to help raise PH a bit and added calcium but wanted something in addition to that.

Mixed 2 TBSP into 1 gallon RO water and about 3/4 TBSP Langbeinite and 1/2 Tsp of SEA 90 and watered in the 45 gallon pot.

Anyone wanting to grow organic using one of the hydro methods these are able to be used with that grow style according to DTE.


Old post but good read about soil critters

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Pics of flower tent 1
GL almost done and the 1 gallon clone to right about 5 days in.
Back is NA4 almost done too


GL buds

NA buds

That tall one blowing up even more
Had to break the main vein to get her horizontal

Weeds are pretty


Looking good my man!


Trimmed and Jared another Gl clone
Bud just before dark time previous post above

I think this was the same two buds after the dry for about 10 days

About 5 zips
Will be putting another NA4 in the WeDryer tonight

Keep feeding your cannabinoid system


Ever watch The Worlds Fastest Indian?
Funny you mentioned the lemon tree as in the movie he pees around his lemon tree every morning.


Vote with your dollars and decisions folks


Night Ladies
Red sky at night ladies delight


Another Gold Leaf clone dry and being Jared today.
One more from that round in the time out room. Should be chopped and put in WeDryer tomorrow.

Keep your cannabinoid system fed folks


Congrats on another harvest.


You have done and doing very well @shindig153 too.
I can’t wait but I have too its a long way off yet.

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Thanks @shindig153 and all

Dried a little longer than I had planned for but will get it in shape moisture wise.
Final too dry weight…haha

Filled two 1/2 gallon and one quart mason jars.

The second NA4 is still in the WeDryer and should be ready to trim in 3-4 days depending on what the outside environment does which affects my inside.

So these GL clones did very well and happy with the end results. Maybe 15-20% better than my first run with them and these are cuts from the original first 2 seeds I dropped. The mother GL is about 3-4 weeks out from harvest maybe longer. That’s the one that got too tall for my basement … the amazon women’s tent. She looks good in the 20 gallon pot and had fresh soil when up potted from the 7 gallon. It was at that time pretty much full of roots and had to slit open the side of the grow bag to transplant. Now the other GL amazon clone is still in the 7 gallon and I’ve been struggling with it for several weeks now. Wanted to see how it would go leaving her in the 7 gallon.
Took a 4th generation clone or 5th hell I don’t know a week ago to keep this one going. Still have 3? Other clones about ready to move to flower tent now.
Ok having a hard time writing anymore after sampling some medicine

Keep feeding your cannabinoid system folks

Will get some pics of them and post.


Just saying in case ya didn’t get the memo…err email.


BAS to the rescue!


I started checking out the “build a soil way” videos they’re putting up. Some are the same as previous BAS vids but there’s some new stuff there. They’re pretty informative. It should be a good when it’s all up. I just restocked all my BAS supplies bought 3 things on that list :roll_eyes: I wish I would have waited now, I could have saved some $
Enjoy that yummy GL, I’m sure you are. I smoked the last of mine. GL is one of my favorites so far.
I haven’t forgotten the thrivN favor @AAA I’d really like to repay that favor, when you let me know how :blush: :v::green_heart:


I’m happy to help!