First grow, started flowering 3 weeks ago, good, bad,ugly?

Lava Cake started from seed found in an 1/8 from local dispensary (2 others ended up male).


Looks good. What the DLI you’re running?

Sayhon 2000. Seems pretty good so far from what I can tell

12/12 right now

I think youre right. Looks like its got the wattage you’ll need. :fist_right: :fist_left:

Welcome @SKI420
The 1/8th that keeps on giving. :laughing: Congrats on the bonus!

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:joy:. Thanks. Hopefully some nice update photos soon. Have some Sour Diesel auto flower coming that I’m going to throw in soon.

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Sorry, wasn’t sure what DLI was LoL

It’s all good. I didn’t know what it was a few months back either. :slight_smile:

27 days into flowering, think it looks ok. A lot of bud sites

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