First grow seeding questions

My seedlings seem to be growing well but they seem excessively tall they are about 4” tall I have them on an 18/6 schedule under a spider farm 1000d at about 18” above them

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Not enough light. Lower your light and I would place a dome over sprouts. Once transplanted you can bury the stem but likely need to support it until then. Popsicle stick works well.

FYI that meter shown in picture is worthless. Seriously. You need good PH and TDS measuring instruments if container growing as you will supplement at some point.


What he said. :point_up_2: A good ph meter, such as Apera, will run about $60. You can get away with a cheap ($20) TDS meter (or no meter) depending on how you grow and what nutrients you’re using.


Thank you for the info. I do have good ph and tds meters. That thin is just stuck in the tomato plants