First Grow -- Rate my setup? Confident but could use tips

Hello! I’m not a first time gardener–I’ve been growing vegetables for years–but I am brand new to growing cannabis. I’ve tried to keep up on all the research but I’m getting frazzled and could use a few friendly tips!

Here’s what I have. All of these items are still in their amazon boxes in case I need to return and replace something before putting my setup together.

  • 3x3x6 grow tent (Vivosun)
    -AC Infinity Cloudline T6 inline duct fan (6 inch)
    -G Hydro 6" Air Carbon Filter (6x18 inch, 425 cfm) (i would have gotten the AC infinity filter but it was out of stock)
    -Vivosun 400w HPS wing reflector kit
    -I also ordered an iPower 190 cfm 4" inline duct fan, carbon filter, ducting combo because I was high and thought I needed it

Should I return the 400w HPS wing reflector kit and get a 400w air cooled hood? What about a 600w air cooled? Will the tent be cool enough? If not, should I go for an equivalent LED instead, to keep the heat down? These are some of the questions running through my head. I am not a beginner gardener and am looking forward to making my plants shine. I’m thinking about 3-4 plants in 3 gallon containers or 2 plants in 5 gallon containers.

Do I have the right idea? I’m frustrated because I understand the actual GROWING part of all of this well enough, it’s the logistics of putting these items together that’s frustrating me!! Any input would help. My end goal is a large yield of a high quality product for my own medical use. Thank you so much!

Are you planning on growing auto or photo plants?
Your method of growing will dictate how many plants you can fit in a 3x3. I run photos with a 4 week veg time and 1 plant easily fills a 3x3 space. In a tent I’d recommend a air cooled hood if you go with hps lighting . Hlg quantum boards are what seems to be the gold standard at the moment for led lighting .

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If you stick with HID, you definitely want an air-cooled fixture. 400 watts will suffice, but if you decide to go with 600 watts be sure to get a digital dimmable ballast so that you can reduce the power when you wish to.
I would also recommend getting an MH (Metal Halide) bulb for the vegetative state and an HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulb for the flowering state.


I will be growing photo plants --Black Widow strain. Looks like I’m going with the air cooled hood instead.

I’m getting a Sun System 6" Yield Master air cooled hood with 600w lights and a dimmable ballast so I have more control. Now i just need to setup the ventilation


Any tips on how to set up my ventilation with what I have? I’ve tried to look up articles and posts but I’m still very confused. I just want to get to growing! Or can anyone point me to some proper resources? I dont know if what I have is enough to do the job, or if I need to purchase a booster fan for the lights, or where most anything goes. It’s getting slightly overwhelming, but i know that once i cross this hump I’ll be absolutely fine

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Your cool tube will be on a separate air circuit with it’s own fan FYI. If you aren’t concerned with smell then a decent 6" with a speed controller will do and you can put some smaller fans in the grow space to move air.

You need meters: PH and TDS. Don’t cheap out on those because they are the most used item in your inventory. Don’t try to build a soil or use something from Home Depot: you want to get through a grow or two (or three) before branching out (pun, get it?) into other modes of growing. Fox Farms, Roots Organics, Black Magic and a couple of others are what you are looking for.

Cannabis is a hungry plant and often requires supplemental feeding. Whether it’s fertilizer or liquid nutrients; stay with a proven cannabis line.

Stay well away from Miracle Gro: it’s awful stuff. If you want to know why I can list them but it’s a lot.

Fabric pots are a good idea. If your water quality is questionable you may want to put in R/O. Timers, drip pans, temperature/humidity gauges, all will find their way into your tent.

When you get really serious you can look into high efficacy LED’s.


thank you so much! This is all great info and I’m very pleased to have found this community (first post btw).
-I have a 6" AC infinity cloudline T6 (temp and thermostat control). should i attach this to my reflector hood, or get a booster fan (AC Infinity has a 6" duct booster fan with speed control and 265 cfm). But Ideally yes, I’d like to keep smell to a minimum due to living situation. Where could i put the 6" carbon filter?
-I have a 4" exhaust kit (duct fan, ducting, carbon filter) as well.

What can I do to move forwards from here?

-i will be growing in coco coir (going with Advanced Nutrients and their line of nutes specifically for coco growing). I purchased botanicare coco-grow coco coir and will be mixing in perlite. I’ve been growing vegetables for years and feel comfortable enough with soil growing as is that I’m trying something new. I stay away from miracle gro too lol.
-I have a ph water testing kit, but not a tangible PH or TDS meter. Thanks! I’m trying to get the best items i can for my entire setup to supplement my growing skills and I will make sure not to skimp.
-I’ve already purchased fabric pots (3 gallon), drip pans, a temp/humidity gauge (although my AC Infinity Cloudline T6 duct fan already has a temp and humidity gauge.

I hope i’m not bombarding you or anyone with questions, and I’m trying to do as much research as i can because i dont want to lean on the efforts of others. Thank you!


not sure if my last reply was tagged with your username but i wanted to make sure you saw this as you have been very helpful. Sorry, I’m new at forums in general

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Let me tag @peachfuzz in: he does killer grows under MH/HPS and can give you ventilation advice. He’s someone I listen to closely.

Not a real fan of AN line: some folks have reported issues with their ‘PH perfect’ line. Lots of folks going over to Jack’s 3-2-1 and there are several threads on here.

Definitely want to have purified water if doing coco. You will also have to have those meters to supplement properly. Apera makes a decent PH meter and TDS meters are pretty cheap. Be sure to get calibration and storage solution for your PH meter. PH up and down. Cal mag if running coco. I finally broke down and bought a Bluelab PH/TDS meter but they’re over $200 now.

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Here is how I have my HID-lit tents set up. You won’t need the inlet fan, though.

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This may be helpful to you as well. Note: You don’t need to use all of the products in this lineup, but they are all there should you choose to add some extra supplements. At a minimum, I would recommend the following supplements in addition to your base nutrients, though: Bud Candy and B-52.

One thing that’s not shown in the chart is a calcium-magnesium supplement. If you are using well water or municipal water, you may or may not need to add some. If you are using distilled or reverse osmosis water, you definitely need to add some. I recommend General Hydroponics CALiMAGic as it has very little nitrogen in it. With distilled or reverse osmosis water, add 4mL/gallon. With well or municipal water… maybe try 2mL/gallon.

The RO Buddie reverse osmosis system is very popular, and I recommend it.


thank you so much!! the nute schedule is incredibly helpful. Def going to grab the Bud Candy and B-52 plus a few others. Voodoo Juice sounds incredibly useful too, i’ve also read that it can get moldy pretty quickly so ordering a smaller container might be financially wise.

I ordered blunt-tip measurement syringes so i can get relatively exact measurements of nutes for my babies :slight_smile: All I want to do by growing is learn more about this beautiful plant, and have (a high yield of) killer medical bud for my own personal use. Then I’ll start to have a base of knowledge that I can pass on to others!

I had already purchased the Advanced Nutrients version of Coco Cal-Mag supplement, as I had read that it was better to stick with the same line for continuity.

Also, this is much more help than I expected to get! I’m gathering the last few items I need, and then it’s off to the races! I’ve been reading the grow journals of other users and have been learning a lot from even just reading the comments. It looks like one of the best things I could do for myself is to start one too.

The nutrients were a little confusing to me as well, but this chart makes it so much easier to understand. I primarily grow hot peppers and I’ve found that my best results come when I rotate/use only a select few fertilizers/nutrients compared to a whole lot of them. so far, this year’s crop includes carolina reapers, naga vipers, ghost peppers, fatalis, cobras, and mustard habaneros. If anyone would like anything, or any homemade hot sauce, let me know!!

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Put your nutrients somewhere cool and dark like a basement, and they will keep for longer. :slight_smile: