First Grow, Outdoors w/ Robert’s Gold Leaf Feminized

And it is time for a first showing:


Look at that cute little Gold Leaf coming up and getting ready to be huge.

Welcome to your new community.


Thank you and thanks Merlin44.
… This is going to be an experiment, Thursday 22 June it was started by way of overnight soak in a glass and … Saturday it was first transplanted. This past Sunday I gave it a bit shallower spot, … now 1st leaves.

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She’ll be knee high in no time.

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So these are the timeline:

And I wonder how far along the flowers are.

These dated pictures should help, yes?

Are we close to the next stage? What is that, flushing?

… Bits of help if you will, thank you. HR.

The 25 August picture is of clippings.

And this was a bit earlier on, …

Definetely into flower Aug 17.
Harvest 10/17? or can you hold out longer?
Outdoors may determine harvest date.

… DeepDiverD, mid-October then? Thank you. … I am reading up on the Trichome changes and nutrient, watering fluctuations currently. Hope all is well on your side. … HR.

Don’t forget to read and plan the hang/Cure steps, aswell.

DDDave, thank you. Hang & Cure reads, I will find them … today. :slight_smile: