First grow journal from killuminate

2 weeks and 5 says in flower


The plants are looking happy!

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So quick breakdown soil grow using double flushed MG and 25% more perlite started with 400w mh switched to 1000 w led and 2 cheapo 65 watt gro lights in 3×3 in veg rh was 75-78 flipped schedule to 12/12. 2 weeks and 6 days ago. Topped at week 4 lst a bit. I broke a few branches while tying made clones but this is momma sorta have a funky bonsai training going on. Feed every other water so basically 1x a week and str8 water 1x a week using ff big bloom for now until week 4 of flower then im going to add…

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More udated

Just one more pic