First Grow Issues

G’day everyone,

A little desperate for some guidance with my first grow.

My three OG kush seedlings seemed to start out really well, but have recently started turning yellow at the base and, over the past day or two, the yellow leaves have started clawing.

So far I’ve put in one application of PowerFeed liquid fertiliser, but the yellow seemed to appear shortly after (so I panicked and haven’t fed them since). I initially thought the yellow had occured from overwatering, but reducing the water hasn’t seemed to help either.

I’m currently growing outdoors in Canberra, Australia (recreational weed can only be grown outdoors legally here), so the summer has been fairly hot and dry (thus I’ve also been pretty worried about underwatering).

I’ve also just re-potted the plants into some larger pots with fresh potting mix (since I thought they’d outgrown the seedling pots).

Overall, I think the issue is probably a combination of errors on my part. Would really appreciate any help from you guys! Running out of ideas to fix my first grow :sweat_smile:



What kind of soil are you using? That soil looks like it has a lot of wood chips in it which is not a good soil to use for growing marijuana.

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Thanks mate,

Have been using a relatively cheap potting mix so far, so that could be the problem after all.

Just replaced all three pots with a mix of organic compost, perlite and coco coir (as well as some dynamic lifter pellets). Fingers crossed the little guys can recover from my transplanting skills!

Appreciate the tip!

Any time my friend. I have the problem of not having a store around me that sells the good soil and buying it online can be pricey with shipping so I use whatever I can find locally and this very same problem has happened to me. Had to completely change the soil before the plant came back from near death.

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