First grow in bucket

This is my first grow. It’s in a bucket. Just recently changed my lights to 12/12. Can’t wait to see flowering stage. I also trim some leaves to give more light to lower parts. I also took one branch for seeding. So far is still alive :grinning:. Wish I cud have more space to let of the bucket.


She looks good though keep up what your doing

Nice picture :+1:t2: was thinking the other day how my phone has more megapixels than a Nikon I bought in '05? For like 1200 bucks lol and camera I just got is a lot better than the old Nikon for 40%of the cost. Ahhh technology

no shit man… knew a dude that paid $1500 for a 10 mega pixel dslr about 12 years ago or so…maybe a bit longer…

my “mobile device” has a 16 megapixel camera and zooms in like crazy… my little $119 Nikon is also 16 MP and has 40x optical zoom… I really dig cameras and it is way cool the cost of the tech has come down so far. I expect in another 20 years we will be able to stand on the front porch and take pictures of moon craters with a $99 camera…