First grow high CBD strain just wanting to make sure they look good

  • Strain; CBDutch Treat
  • Rockwool
  • Homemade Aeroponics with separate reservoir
  • PH 5.5 ish ( using ph test drops till get a meter)
  • rapid root day 02 of seedling used 3ml instead of the recom 5 MLS in 5 gallons of Ph’d water
  • Indoor
  • 2 T5 lights
  • Temps; Day 20 c night 23 c my 18/6 starts at 12:30 am
  • Humidity; day 75% night 80%
  • Ventilation system; Yes, four inch to carbon filter homemade
    A/c , humidifier, dehumidifier; NA
  • Co2; No

Just transplanted them 2 days ago into the ph’d Rockwool on 18/6 light schedule under 2 T5’s

dipping seedlings into nute solution (rapid root) 3ml instead of 5ml in 5 gallons of water

Currently, have 4 seedlings growing just in humidity dome until they get a good stalk to move into aeroponics system.

Just wanted to make sure they are looking healthy or if there is anything I should or should not be doing at this point? Don’t want to screw them up and there are so many things I have read that have left me lost.

Also when should i start giving the vege nutes?

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U as well as I know about the same at this point … Everything’s looks good ,I see standing seedlings :+1::+1:

Veg nutes start when the cotyledons start to yellow or if any true leaves start to yellowing a tiny bit.m hr them with 1/4 STR. Veg nutes are u going organic or hydro nutes I would go hydro since your needing your feeding to be available right away and it’s not able to he locked up in compost and such I would suggest general hydroponics it can be used soil or hydro and is a complete feed I went with ff grow big on begining and when syth. On flower hydro store dude aimed me at GH products and my hard head didn’t go with it for veg which I will next grow … Simple and using a synthetic hydroponic nutes u will he dealing with salts and I suggest using slf 100 helps break down any remaining salts and solids left behind and super redies your current feeds availability completely breaking salt bonds

When you say yellowing and true leaves would this be a good time?

One of the four seedlings is off to a much faster start then the rest.
And I was just going to go the hydro nutes way.
So I am assuming that girl is ready for Vege nutes I should throw it in my system now and start my pump timer then and as the others get to that point throw them in too.
Also does anyone know what the best time schedule is for aeroponics my resevoir is 5 gallons I’m running a ecoplus 264 pump was thinking maybe 3-5 seconds every ten minutes or something I have the good timer to do so?

Also when doing grow journal do i go to add new topic for every posting or just keep adding to this page?

You can keep this as a journal. But no they’re not ready for nutes yet. I think my earliest one was about 10 or 12 days after breaking ground. So you’ve still got a ways to go. I’ll show you a pic of when my first one showed it was hungry.

That little round leaf is the cotyledon. It’ll start yellowing and getting lighter once they start looking like that they’re ready for very low level nutrients.

@NewBGrowerGurl…fast action needs to be taken!!!

ONLY ONE seed is rooting well. The other 3 are pushing themselves out of the grow cube.
The white section of the stem should be below the growing media.
Solution: Open the grow cubes and lower the seedlings until just a small amount of stem is above the top of the grow cube. Be careful when you do…open vertically…VERY SLOWLY to avoid breaking the tender roots. If you were planting in soil, you could just lower the seedlingly till the white stem is covered. FYI…a covered stem will often grow roots.

Once the grow cube is opened…you can take a wooden match or toothpick and shove it tru to hold both sides together. After a week, the plant will be strong enough to keep going and make you proud. If the seedlings get too tall and skinny…use pipe cleaners to make a loop to hold the seedling, shove the rest into the grow media. And lower the light a little.

A PH n PPM Meter Set is critical!!! Major online sellers have them for $20 a set.

Thanks for the advice got them all fixed up figured out some better lighting and I have all four growing all showing 4 small leaves now it seems like they are going slow though I have had them under 18/6 and been using rapid root . I only did 3 ml compared to 5ml it suggested for 5 gallons of water should I use the full strength it recommended for the rapid root ??

ALWAYS…start nutes at low %…20% of feeding schedules.
Each strain is diff and will respond diff. Better to be low and slow than to overnute and burn plants to a crisp. Take a PPM reading before and after nute adding. Generally 1000 PPM is more than enough for most strains. Learn to read the leaves. Crinkled curling leaves is PH or nutes issue.
Discolored splotches are too much of something…OR…soil too wet. Drooping leaves…yellowing starting at the bottom.