First grow, go Organic or go home

Hey all this will be a strange post, it’s all your fault Robert lol jks
Got some White widow and some Blue berry beans a few months back from this strange place called ILGM
Put 1 of each down in potting mix, Dumb ass move I know. Veg state was just brilliant, then came flower. within a short time I had full nutrient lock and my White widow died, I had to do a transplant for the Blueberry. Lucky to me I was making a worm organic garden for my next plant, so the BB went into that soil worms leaf mold and all. Now to be honest since then I haven’t even looked at PH levels or anything, all I do is feed the worms and soil. Doing all the Ph and nutrients is what killed my WW and had the BB ready to die. ( to kill with kindness ). From now on it is only 100% organic compost worms and all. The good bacteria leaf mold and worms balance ph just fine, just a we bit of Black strap molasses for the minerals, pending what rocks i have ground up. Now a little help plz. The plant in question was shocked a lot, and in a container way to small for root growth ( typical noob start ), Btw the Blueberry with its popcorn buds not ripe still is a MIGHTY FINE PLANT TO SMOKE :mrgreen: Ok so been over 2 months in flower, no amber yet just cloudy trichomes. Plant also wont change colour at all, SO what up with that. Lights are 2 150 watt CFL’s from growlux. 1 2700k and 1 5600k light cycle is 12/12. Any thought’s ?? Was worried you lot at ILGM was a con for a while, But after smoking non ripe popcorn buds, My hat’s of to you for the superb job you do for us Robert Bergman. ( can’t wait to try the purple haze beans ).

Loce your set-up. Yeah; I think I remember your “newb start”, as you put it. I am glad you figured it out. If you want to bulk up the plant a bit more; Wait on some amber to show up before finishing. If you want to harvest sooner, and like what you have sampled, you can harvest now for more of an up high. However; blueberry is a great Medical Strain for pain, and more amber will lead to a more medicinal high.

To force finish Lower light photo period from 12/12 to 10/14. This will cause the plant to finsih faster. Peace :mrgreen:

Doesn’t look blue!! Like the pic on the website come on thats sellers pitch…half off 100$ nutrients for one day!!!50!!!

LMAO :smiley: Blueberry is not supposed to be Blue…It is suppose to have a berry like taste, and aroma. :slight_smile: