First grow Glueberry auto (GG#4 x blueberry) Help!

This autos on day 58 and I’m really not sure when I should be harvesting it I don’t have a microscope or anything of that nature, any advice will be appreciated!!! ( I tried to get good quality pics )

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Really need pics in natural light. The grow lights makes it difficult to see anything. If possible take pictures with natural light or just flash from camara.


Hope these pics came out a little better

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Day 58 from seed? Or day 58 of flowering?
And how far is your lights away from plants? Looks like some heat stress/light damage

From seed and I currently have the light about 30 inches from it, I believe the plants had some phosphorus deficiency or just some sort of deficiency causing the burnt leave look I’m not 100% sure though

It’s hard to get a good look at them from your pics, I’d highly recommend finding a way to look at the trichomes. But if you’re only day 59 from seed, I think it’s safe to say you still have a bit to go. But the trichs will tell ya for sure. I’d also look into the nute deficiency that your referring to. Get a good ph and ppm reading of some runoff and make sure your within the correct ranges. Have you feed any nutes yet? Soil.? There’s a support ticket that you can fill,out that will give everyone a better idea of what’s going in in your room. I’m not sure how to post it, so hopefully if someone can help out and post a support ticket, we can try and dig deeper and see what’s up.