First grow failed, trying again

My first grow has officially failed. I’m pretty sure I know what went wrong:

  1. I used Miracle Gro
  2. My PH got too high for too long and when I tried to correct it by flushing my plants with “Ph’d” water I killed them.

So I’ve been doing some reading and trying to learn, but there is SO much information out there. I got some coco and perlite and some nutes from Fox Farms. I just have a couple of questions.

  1. Can I germinate in the coco?
  2. Should I consider a coco/soil mix since I’m such a nube? :frowning:
  3. What kind of nutrients should I start with, and can someone point me to a reliable feed schedule? I’ve seen the one on the Fox Farms site, but also many others in forums, etc. Thanks!

Here’s a hydro feeding schedule


I use fox farm with great results, as a new grower I suggest you start with soil but it’s your call. Down load the feeding chart from fox , starting in good soil like light warrior from fox farm all you have to do is water at 6.5 ph with coco you have to feed almost Immediately .



Thank you! I decided to go with 1/2 organic compost and 1/2 coco coir with some perlite. Now I’m not sure about nutrients, but I’m guessing I need to follow the soil schedule.

Thought I would post an update. One of the plants I thought was dead has come back to life! It’s not growing super fast, but it has gotten some new growth and is starting to show signs of flowering. I repotted it in a combination of organic soil, coco and perlite and have been following the Fox Farms nutrient schedule.



If you have boomerang it works great after a flush and when plants need a buster shot.

The strife for life is strong! :sunglasses:

Hmm…wonder if I should get some boomerang? I am loathe to spend any more money on this plant, and my PPMs are at 1100.

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I’m a new grower, but that plant looks like it’s recovering nicely. Be patient, the soil has nutrients in it, give her water and wait.