First Grow Experienced Growers Input Nitro Lemon Haze

First plants in 30 years.
Input from experienced growers or newbies.
Mars hydro TS 3000 X 2
Box fan / Wall oscillating fan
ProMix 2/3 - Organic potting soil 1/3
Fox Farm Trio
Way undersized humidifier
Mykos, FANTASTIC Stuff
Temps run high time 85-90
75-80 at night.
Humidity runs low 45-50
Misted first 4 weeks
No foliar feeding
Currently on week four feed schedule

  • Big Bloom / Grow Big
    Week 5 will start Tiger Bloom in 4 days
    Will use General Hydro Floralishios to help finish
    RO Water always for 2 weeks
    RO straight water flush between feedings
    2 weeks?? In 5 gal fabric pots
    Stunted -overwatered sprouts
    - quart containers root bound at 3 weeks (gallon starts next time)
    Accidentally gave GB first feeding and had some burn flushed with city tap water as RO was not set up.
    Broke one top almost entirely off. Thought it was a goner.
    Used double sided window film tape with backer left on. Pinched up tight and stuck butter knife in dirt. (Not needed) I swear the plant was levitating. Future breaks will try a dab, (he he), of cloning gel.
    Looks like mixed seed but all Nitro Lemon Haze from MSNL
    10 sprouts- 10 seeds 1 dead
    Have thoughts about MSNL for another time
    Just started lollipoping and pinched top cola.
    Also using low stress / high S
    Fimming after top colas repop???
    Sativa dominate strain , (short)
    Limited height available 62"
    Thinking about flower start at 2.5 ft after approximately 8-10 weeks veg, (wait and see)
    City grow so carbon filter before flowering
    Flower until tricomes get mostly cloudy.
    Started clones yesterday, (hack/gamble).
    Thoughts input from anyone as I have not touched a seed in over 30 years.
    Sure I am missing stuff as my brain feels old, (Covid depletion)
    Looks pretty good but don’t want to screw up.
    Carbon dioxide set up???
    Thoughts Please



Looks like you’ve made a good start. You will unfortunately need far more light for the extra CO2 to be utilized.


Input on how close to finish? And thoughts on withholding water for a few days before harvest?
And finally harvesting before sun up??
Tricomes have very few amber. Still shooting fresh pistols.
Day 59 of flower, seed supplier says 8 to 10 weeks