First Grow: Dosi Do


Mars FC-E 4800 480 watts with a 6 inch Mars exhaust fan in a Mars 39" x 39" x 71" tent.
Nutrients: FF basic three way package with Cal-Mag and no sulfur Molasses…
Soil: 100% FF Happy Frog
Heat: Lasko space heater
Humidity: Levoit wi-fi top fill
Camera: Ring indoor

Hi guys. First grow here. I live in southern Michigan. Im 62 and have been smoking pot for 47 years.

Planning on 2 plants indoors in 3 gallon square fabric pots and 2 plants outdoors in five gallon bags. I’m using PH adjusted tap water and bottled water.

Im venting outside with no carbon filter. Have one just shouldnt need it.

I soaked five ILGM Dosi Dos seeds in water for 12 hours then used paper towel. This is them in jiffy pots 1 week later. 5 germinated only 4 made it through the soil, so far. Still holding out some hope for the other one but 4 will be perfect.

Maintaining 75 degrees and 70% humidity (±) with supplemental heat and humidity. Lights at 28" and 350/PPFD

Im not using any nutrients until the plants tell me theyre hungry. I will add a touch of Molasses to the water once a week or so. Since Im using live soil I want to feed the microbes and keep them happy.

Im planning on topping after 3 nodes then LST training with bending techniques and LST clips.

Im diggin the fact that my humidifier is wi fi controlled and I can view with a camera. Keeps me out of the tent.


Nice setup. love the ring idea!
Looking dandy. Have fun. Welcome to your new happy place :blush:


By the way. Where did you find Square fab pots?

I think theyre Vivosun deals from Amazon.

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Very Nice !! Good Job !! Enjoy the grow, gonna be fun !

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Following, my next run will be do-si-do same seed company too, Cheers SS

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welcome to the community. great looking set up. Happy Growing

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Welcome to the community!

Nice start with a good looking setup. Looking forward to following along

Welcome…nice set up!

I’ll follow along…

Pics are 4 days since they emerged from the soil. Three doing great and 1 looks fine but hasnt grown since it showed the first set of leaves. One thing I notice about this FF Happy Frog soil is the small pieces of bark, you can see them on top of the soil. I got to wondering if the tap root is blocked and so I did a little hand aerating with a toothpick and it did feel like I hit an obstruction just below Top Dead Center of the plant. I was careful enough. So lets see what happens. That was yesterday actually.

I did lose one germinated and planted seed for one reason or another.

Heat and humidity levels are off in these pics because we were out of the tent but Im maintaining 75 degrees and 60% humidity for now.

I was running the humidity higher but saw initial signs of what I believe to be mildew under my 40X I also upped the ventilation a small amount.

So…not to bad so far. Anxious to see what happens to the under achiever.

No nutrients for a while yet but may start adding some milk and or molasses to my waterings.

No light changes still at 350 PPFD and 28" and the stretch so far is spot on.

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Any thoughts or encouragement on the little girl is appreciated!

Following, must I buy seeds to post my grow here? Cheers SS

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Negative. The only time you need to be running ILGM genetics is if you want to enter any of the bud contests.


Pic from Ring Cam.


ill be setting up a camera next week, to watch while im at work


Thanks guys & gals, I just “flipped” 12/12 now for my latest bagseed from hydro grow, 6 gals so far. If they all are girls it will be my 1st. large indoor grow under a Philzon FD 4500 450w 6 bar. Cheers SS


1 week: Going great, one straggler. 350 umols, 28 inches still. No nutrients although Ive watered with Molasses three times. 75/75 temp/hum. Vapor density is consistent. No big changes planned for another week.