First Grow Chronicles /w Nesta

so it’s been awhile since posting. I figured since I was now 1 week into flowring I should give you a journey from germination to vegetative.


  1. Must watch plants

  2. Lighting and Fans super important

  3. Get a temperature gauge

  4. Most issues start with underwatering or overwatering

  5. Stress your plants (just enough to keep them resilient)

  6. Get a carbon filter not only for smell but also for health of plant

  7. Document progress to quickly catch indiscrepancies, keep up with progress, and associated task, find out how keywords maybe beneficial like: scrogging, cutting, pinching, and more

  8. Find a clear space with little to no traffic flow

  9. Invest in tools to maintain environment soil, temperature gauge, humidity gauge, timer, adjustable lighting, fans

  10. Keep schedules, feeding and lighting

They are both now around 4ft. Week 1 of flowering. I so excited this is strawberry Kush and Gold leaf. I have been keeping a diary these are just some select pix of progress. I don’t know soem of you may have remembered early on my strawberry kush was broken in two and I prematurely started a clone. Well check it out for yourself how things went. And everyone who has helped along the way THANK YOU :grin:


Looking great buddy welcome back!

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Thx I’ve been here the whole time :slight_smile:

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Looks nice bro :+1:
Keep up the good work


@Nesta… Great job, good luck with grow… I wanted ask you, if I may, carbon filter is for smell but you mentioned that they are good for plants health… Let me in on this? I’m a newbie and have never heard that before