First grow Black widow. Pruning

ThiS is my first grow ever. I topped the plant but need to know if i should prune? Which type of pruning?


Welcome to the forum! Your plant isn’t really large enough to do much pruning right now.


Im in the middle of my second week. During what stage do i need to worry about pruning?

Welcome to the forum, Sub!

Piggybacking on what dbrn said, personally I wouldn’t prune a cannabis plant all that much. Let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing; Pruning to me means removing stems to shape the plant. Defoliation is removing entire leaves at the petiole.

I used to prune by topping the plants. I’ve moved away from that, personally. I’d rather use low stress training now. I might prune a mother plant or a sickly plant, or if I’m dead set on a tight SOG with uniform single colas.

I’d be cautious about defoliation too. Removing leaves is useful if you need to mitigate high humidity, but you’re sacrificing potential energy.


I guess im worried about getting a good yield and plant height. Im growing in a 5x5 80 inch tall. Growing four black widow plants in a 5 bucket rdwc 5 gal bucket system. Probably over thinking! Lol


Look up schwazzing. I tried this last grow and like how it worked out. I would not do it on autos but my photos responded well. I did my defoliation 1-week after flipping to 12/12 and 3 weeks after the flip. The inlet them be until about a week before harvest and then I went after them again with a pair is scissors.

For your first grow I think tipping and some LST is the way to go.

No worries! I’m guessing you want a dense level canopy? Me too.

You can find lots of visual guides to manifolding (also called mainlining) that show how coaxing your main stem(s) sideways, you generate robust growth from the “lower” internodes. The plants are going to send growth towards the light source, and concentrate growth on the highest points on the plant. When a stem is sideways, it starts sending lots of growth straight up.

Hopefully that makes sense, or at least piqued your interest enough to send you down a manifolding rabbit hole.

Good luck.

If you have any questions about your DWC (RDWC?) setup, there are plenty of members who would be happy to share.

Thank Guys


I’m deep in that hole as we speak :joy: Welcome to I​:heart:GM Sub!!!

The name of my journal:

Rabbit hole very interesting. Ive thought i have done alot of ready but never heard of it. Thanks

Yup, you really don’t have to prune at all to get good yield. It may help considerably depending on the shape and structure of your plant though. That will come down to how you choose to grow your plants out.

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