First grow bag seeds

ok my first grow 4 days into flower she looks lonely in there by her self. I just pulled her boyfriend out and will have a couple questions about him.

ok the male plant was pushing itself out of the soil y would a plant do that

What are you using to water your plants?

I have been using 7.6 ph water and just changed that to 6.5

in soil with this soil

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Are you positive that that plant was a Male? I zoomed in and couldn’t tell

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Ya I checked really close. I didn’t want it to be but there was no doubt at least I got one that is female. One thing I did find out I was down by the grow tent when it came on and checked the humidity it was 90%. so I learned that I need to keep the carbon filter on 24 hours. But the plant is really looking good I switch it over to 12/12 on Monday

Ok I have not been feeding my plants anything from the start should I ? When will the girl start the stretch I’m 6 days into flower?