First Grow - Auto BB, DWC, HPS/MH

This is my first grow, single BB auto from ILGM. I started it around the beginning of august with the same Yield Lab Pro 600W at 50%, switched to a smaller LED since it was stretching so much, and then went back to the 50%. It’s had an exhaust fan running 24/7 and temp has ranged from 68-78 through its whole cycle. This has taken forever and is doing all sorts of funky things. I haven’t posted or gotten advice except from a local hydroponic store in a neighboring town. I used the Botonicare cal mag, grow (for a while), bloom once in flowering, and hydroguard. I also used some advance nutrients bud ignitor for a little while. It’s been on 18/6 the whole time. Last week it started to show signs of what I think was a calcium deficiency so i raised the ph a little more and it seems to have gotten better with that, but now it’s curling and yellow at the tips of leaves. I need this out of here by the new year due to the expectation of our first baby. What are your thoughts and recommendations?





Will post more pictures in the next few posts.


Looking off to a great start!! @Budahbuddy803 keep on kewpie on!!

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I’m excited to see how that turns out !






Just wait. It gets funky






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Man what a beauty!! Thanks for the pics and welcome to the community!!

Thank you. Are the last few pictures from today not concerning? It’s been growing for close to 4 months. All the BB auto’s I’ve seen are tiny compared to this. I’ve also never seen the growth that is coming out of the top of the flowers on top either. It’s pretty concerning to me.

Seems to be stretching for light.


She looks a little wonky but honestly nothing to be stressed out about.

I had a chocolope, so did @JaneQP and @Growingforothers - it was an awful phenotype. Heinous in every way. I think all three of us turned it into edibles, it was weird just like your top few bud shots but all over the plant.

It may just be a bad roll of the genetic dice, to be honest.

I don’t have any photos of that horrible thing but here’s my Zkittlez, which was equally useless in many ways:


@Budahbuddy803 that new growth looks like she’s trying to reveg. I would nip those new shoots in the bud and supercrop the main cola and maybe some of the ones on the side so that they are back to 18" under your light. And she looks hungry. Without any lower fans to feed off of, she’s consuming what green there is, which is approaching the sugar leaves area…I’d definitely be feeding her the next few waterings.


I thought it was reveg as well. I’ve been trimming them, but they keep coming back with a vengeance. I’ll consider the super crop.

What do you suggest for food?? It gets fed 24/7 due to the DWC. As the water level drops, I refill with a secondary 5 gal that has nutrients and a balanced ph. This second bucket is agitated and aerated.

I definitely over-trimmed the fan leaves (noob mistake). Thanks for your help and advice!

What nutes are you giving them? It should be a bloom type, less N in it.

And welcome to the forum! Greatest place on the world wide weed web!

You need a much stronger light. That’s why she’s so stretched and lean.

It’s 600w hps/mh for a single plant. What is a much stronger light? I switched the bulb when a week before I started the bloom.

This is the bloom it’s been fed since it truly started to flower.

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