First grow are they the right size 7 days from breaking soil

Can’t tell theres no frame of reference but it looks fine so heres my girls at week 1 compare if you want(not the left cup)

Sorry ya didn’t think about that lol but looking at yours they look good there about 2 to 3 inches tall. When should i start the grow nutrients

What’s your medium if it’s soil then you’ll be fine for another week if coco then I’d start them at 1/4 dose


Im in soil. I got another lightand whole set coming ive got nature’s living soil concentrate and earth dusts brand coming gonna go supersoil route so illbe on here with a lot of questions this site is the best

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Ah another organic grower are you going to do dry amendments and/or teas?

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Dry .lol why you say that…is it bad

No I just give my dry amendment schedule to new growers because it’s hard to find a concrete feeding regiment for the state’s

Week 0 medium combining 5 gallon fabric pots 50% coco coir 20%compost(preferably mushroom ) 30% perlite 4 Tbsp down to earth 444 and 2 Tbsp bloodmeal
Week 2 8 Tb 444 4 Tb each of 484 and bloodmeal
Week 5 if no pistils 3 Tbsp 484
Week 0 of flower 12 Tbsp 484
Week 2 of flower 10 Tbsp 484
Water amendments once a week 1 ml of mr fulvic 2/3- 3/4 dose of nectar for the gods sample pack minus the Zeus juice (also 1 tsp of epson salt ) alternatively 1/2 tablespoon molasses and 1/2 teaspoon epsom salt with all water

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i have been using NLS for a few grows now, but use it as a living soil, have added it as dry amendments and made teas as well, pretty versatile stuff. i have never tried any other soils and am a new grower,so have nothing to compare. but for me it is very easy to use.

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Wow thank’s and yeahits hard finding good information on it and. Ya know everyone is different

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Thanks im hoping i like it i bought the autoflower version

i will be trying some auto’s this year i think, i have a few auto seeds, so will buy some of the auto mix for them. will tag along and see how you make out, i failed to see this was in the auto section.

I’ve been using NLS off and on for the past few years with Autos and photos with fairly good results overall. Check the NLS website as they are now offering a new product (Girl Flower Power) to improve your grows. Additionally, they have a small forum for your questions and input.
Best of luck with your grow :leaves:

So everything is going smoothly i think but a few of these jack herer autos are showing pistils…they are 18 days from breaking soil 22 days from seed placed in soil…is this good or bad

Heres pics of my girls and my new new setup lol bought a whole new light, tent, and accessories its a growers choice roi e680 and ac infinity tent which in my opinion way better than the vivosun i am also using …not sure which light is better only time will tell. In the new tent i have 5 critical mass autos started.with the plan of vegging some photos in tent until autos are done then harvest autos n start flower cycle for photos…would like to hear any advice and opinions the new autos are in NLS autoflower mix with 60/40 mother earth groundswell and happy frog in about 80% of pot then toppped with roots organic micro greens to start seed in …their in 5 gal fab pots …also i have 35 gallons of living soil cooking made with happy frog and coco loco with earth dust amendment for my photo periods going to start them in roots organic then move over to the living soil when they’re a little bigger… once again…thoughts n opinions needed

Sorry if any doubles …please let me know about these pistils and if all looks good

Heres the new tent and 5 critical mass autos

…im venting one tent right to huge fan in other tent and out the window its working for temps but i need a better humidifier if anyone knows where to get a good one