First grow 5 WW 1 week old today

WW one week old today…they look good and haven’t give me any trouble yet.I have one other girl in the tent to but it still hasn’t shown her sex yet,shes just turned 4 weeks last Thursday…so Mary or Mark is doing real well also couple of picks…oooohhhhhh…The one in the middle had been stunted from the start …i think i didnt have enough perlite in the cup cause in my mix…so i had to transplant her and shes been growing good ever since


I had a plant that was that small for 30 days and she ended up over 7 feet with almost a 2 Foot cola.

i can only hope…lol

All strains are different in some aspects and then you add in environment and different grow styles and you have a lot of variables that can affect the outcome. As mr peat said, a lot of times she will be your best, been dealing with a non grower myself for 5 mos. now it fills out a 3X3 scrog pretty nicely!

Looks good i would like to tag along.